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Most of all he likes to see her dance, and she dances for him despite her excruciating pain. [30 May 2009|04:21pm]
I remember watching the little mermaid at my cousins house, the Hans Christian Anderson version. In it the little mermaid saves the prince and leaves him on shore. Another women finds him on shore and he awakes thinking that she has saved him and falls in love with her.
The bones of the story are pretty much the same, the lil m exchanges the tail, her voice, and risk's dying for a pair of legs and the hope that the prince will fall in love with her. In the end the prince falls in love with the women from the shore, a princess, and marries her. The little mermaid returns to the sea and her body dissolves into foam. THE END! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Mermaid

I'd like to think I'm a realist. Still though my head is filled with fairy tales, I live inside my head. I enjoy my little fairy tale land. I always have, my favorite story when I was younger was about a girl who was stow away on a ship. She ended up becoming a crew member. They tried to return her to her home, but she ran away and returned to the ship. She wanted to be at sea forever. I wanted to be her, to run away from home and live at sea.

After I watched the HCA version of the Little Mermaid, I went to the library and got a book of his fairy tales. There isn't always a happy ending, it's a good lesson to learn young.
Sometimes you dissolve into foam, such is life.
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WTF [28 Apr 2009|03:56pm]
I was so stoked to be coming home, so imagine my horror when I had a what the fuck am I doing coming back here moment as I drove into town. It happens to the best of us though. I needed to be "home". I'm going to try to savor my time here, and then I'm getting the fuck outta dodge when I have enough credits to transfer. I really have missed lots of people, places and things from Florida though. I needed to come back to see that some things just aren't the same and other things haven't changed at all.

I applied to Edison and filled out all my financial aid shit, so that's done with. Hopefully school will be fully paid for. I need to keep myself busy busy busy. I've been catching up on reading. Finished Naked by David Sadaris and I loved it. Maybe I should compile all of my funny, fucked up stories for people to laugh at. Probably not.

I wanna start doing movie nights the 1st and 3rd sunday of every month. Also soccer or kickball or something active needs to happen before it gets hot as balls out.
Who wants to go to the beach?!
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You'd hang me if your mood changed. [01 Apr 2009|12:43pm]
So we all keep hearing the economic crisis of late being compared to the great depression. This interest me because many think that the anarchist movement has been dormant since the end of the great depression. The great depression spurred many radical movements, I wonder if the parallels between then and now will hold true. I have been reading about the going on's at this years G20 meetings, there has been news of anarchists "coming out of retirement" to protest the meeting. http://www.gipfelsoli.org/Home/London_2009/6550.html

Check out news on the G20 protest here http://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/1861
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[02 Mar 2009|03:27pm]
The last few days have been awesome! I had a dinner party night with friends, we made pizza and brownies with ice cream. Watched Casshern, it's a Japanese Sci-Fi movie based off an anime series. The story sounded so awesome when I read about it online but I think a lot is lost in translation, check it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casshan. Yesterday we had ladies climbing day at the gym and it totally kicked my ass! I think we climbed close to 15 climbs and only a few of them were easy. Got vegan fajitas after and tried to convince my friend Jonny to climb at the gym in a unitard.

Friday it was 60 out, but despite that we had a snow storm. It started snowing late last night and it is still snowing out. We have about 9 inches of snow here in Philly, and I'm having my first snow day ever. I went to get a movie and to play in the snow and I found 147 dollars while walking around! I've been in such a good mood lately, work is forever stressful but I'm done in about a month and it makes it a lot easier to let shit roll off my back. I'm super excited to be moving soon but I'm also trying to savor my last month or so here.

I wanna travel over the summer, on the cheap. If anyone has some traveling plans and wants a buddy to go with them they should let me know.
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Tri state [10 Feb 2009|08:13pm]

I hate this camera, originally uploaded by msjameson.

I have not been home the past three weekends, it's been great! Last weekend I shot a gun for the first time. This weekend was the best, the weather was awesome and I went climbing and biking with friends. I went to a show, and found out that two of the bands were recording to put out a live tape on Baby Chris label! I also found out that DC has a big ole crush on Joe. I kinda love Michelle from sick fix, she's a no non sense lady! NYC and DC have a greater variety of vegan food than Philly does. I ate lots of good shit.

Obama was in Fort Myers today, and I have been in his town the past couple weekends, how nice.

I have no faith in this country. I have no faith in the people, allowing themselves to be duped daily. A one party government stringing people along with clever sayings, promising hope and prosperity. Cities of people ignoring their neighbors cries, until it's at their doors. Families that work so hard, so they can have so much, trying to out spend the Jones, only to lose it all. Now they're feeling indignant towards the system, the one that let them turn a blind eye to the poor in the streets, the people not like them. Here's to hoping for better day's to come, when we can all start rebuilding our mcmansion communities and once again prosper.<

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[03 Jan 2009|03:25am]
Today was fucking rough. I feel like lately I'm overly calm about most stuff, I don't end up feeling like I need to cry or get pissed about things, instead I've been getting this ball in the pit of my stomach. My stomach feels all heavy and ill. It's weird.

I hate when people make things harder than they need to be.

2008 did not rule, and so far 2009 has been pretty odd. I'm thank full for the awesome time I've been having and not really looking forward to going back to cold, dreary Philly.
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Swamp Thing [27 Dec 2008|04:26pm]
Why did I ever leave this place? I want to walk here forever. I want to struggle with the alligators, turning over and over in the mud. I want to be alive.

But how does it feel, to just stop breathing?
Strange. You realize just how much effort it has been, all along.

How deep do you need to bury the past, before it will stay dead?

There's something wrong with me. I build things up in my mind.

I'm really freaked out by abbey eating a piece of swamp things tuber. Shit is starting to get all trippy and weird.
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Be assured, this is only the beginning [18 Dec 2008|08:57pm]
These were sent to the wooden shoe list serve. I thought them worth re-posting.

For those of you who may not know about what is taking place currently in Greece, a brief history of events through the art of the cut and paste:

On Saturday, December 20th the insurrection in Greece will enter its 14th day. It has moved from demonstrations against the police who murdered 15-year old anarchist Alexandros Grigoropoulos, to a
nation wide revolt against the Greek state, where workers, retirees, and
immigrants have joined with students and young people in the streets to fight
against the injustices that the Greek government has imposed upon them. The
people of Greece have a long tradition of resistance, and for the past two weeks they have said
"No!" to the representative government that has failed them. They have taken
over their universities, town halls, and television and radio stations,
occupying them and broadcasting their ideas, refusing to give in to attacks by
the police. The Greek people in the streets, in occupied universities and in town
halls have asked that people stop referring to what is happening over there as
rioting, and instead to realize that this is an insurrection.

On Tuesday, December 16th a group of 30 demonstrators gathered in front of the
Greek Consulate to stand in support of the Greek people. They stayed for an hour under police watch with lively chants, red and black flags and colorful banners. After an hour, the group dispersed under the calls of "We'll be back!" and the police then retreated. Soon after, the demonstrators returned with a spirited energy, charging across the street to block the entrance of the consulate. In the ensuing excitement, the outer Iron Gate was smashed open, and the government officials inside the consulate quickly fled sight. The group then melded into city, cheering as they went. Later that evening, Boston Detective Andrew Creed, the officer in charge of Anarchist repression, posted his view of events to the public internet forum Boston Lemming Trail of which he is a regular poster under the user name "Keegs". "The only suck [sic] thing" he said, "was, after the demonstrators and us [sic] 'left', a few anarchists came back and smashed the gate to the consulate. That sort of adds a new dimension to [sic] situation for us."

From New York City:

We have just occupied New School University.

We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us,for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain.
This occupation begins as a response to specific conditions at the New School, the corporatization of the university and the impoverishment of education in general. However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unaffordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.
So we stress that the general nature of these intolerable conditions exists across the spectrum of capitalist existence, in our universities
and our cities, in all of our social relations.  For this reason, what begins tonight at the New School cannot, and should not, be contained here.

Thus: with this occupation, we inaugurate a wave of occupations in New York City and the United States, a coming wave of occupations, blockades, and strikes in this time of crisis. Be assured, this is only the beginning,
With solidarity and love from New York to Greece, To Italy, France and Spain, To the coming insurrection.
-The occupied New School


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[07 Dec 2008|06:32pm]
So the little boys I watch were sick on friday, which is to be expected because they're always sick. This time though they were throwing up because they had an intestinal virus, I was told this as I walked through the door on Friday morning. So guess who, despite washing my hand more than Howie Mandel, got sick. You guessed it! Me! Between 8 to 1 am I threw up like every hour to half hour. I would rather have the worst case of the runs possible, than throw up!

On to better things. I will be going to Florida in two weeks! I'm hoping to go climbing with Ms. Ellie. I kinda wanna see how many people I could get together for a kick ball or laser tag game, since it's been cold here it would be nice to get outside and play!
Maybe I'll go to the beach, I'd also like to see Slum dog Millionaires and or Milk. I also want to have a dance party! If anyone wants to do any or all of these things, lemme know!
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Philly's choking the life out of me. [16 Nov 2008|09:15pm]
People are starting to scatter and the weather is playing a horrible trick on me. Neither of which help to improve my mood. Friday and sat were in the high 60's! Today I walked out of my apartment to what felt like a smack in the face, I'm serious it felt like I had just been back-handed! The people I like the most here are slowly moving away. I don't know where I should go but I want out of here. I can't breath here, it's draining the life outta me! I'm making better money here than I have ever made in my life, but I'm not very happy. I miss Florida as much as I hate to admit it. I miss the people, and I miss feeling like I'm at home somewhere. I don't easily make strong connections with people, places or things, but I have some of all of those associated with Florida, this is probably why I miss it so much right now. I can go months without talking to family and people I care about as long as I'm distracted, maybe I'm just finding it harder to distract.

I hate trying to figure out what people's actions and words mean. Lately I feel like I'm constantly trying to decode what people mean and what they're after. Maybe I'm just not hearing or seeing clearly though and I'm trying to pick apart till I can get to a piece that satisfies me and my needs. Does anyone else feel this way ever?!
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[05 Nov 2008|01:28pm]
In the words of tracy morgan.

"Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president bitch".
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Beat that ass [31 Oct 2008|09:52pm]
The entire city is drunk and riot prone.
So I'm really intrigued to see how everyone will react to the world's largest pinata. It's a 6 story tall donkey, and it's filled with candy, hopefully peanut chews.

This weekend is going to be completely fucking insane!
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Rumspringa! [16 Oct 2008|02:29am]
"What do you miss most about the world"?

"Sarcasm...my people are a mostly un-sarcastic bunch.
"And gambling.
"Oh and butt fucking".

My friend had free tickets to see sex drive.
I like free stuff and stupid humor, so we had a date night!

Came home and caught the end of the debate, I really wanted to see what was going to be said about Bill Ayers. We all know that is the most important thing to be discussed. Plus I was hoping they would come to blows over it. I find it unnerving when some asshole switches the term pro-choice with pro-abortion. I guess honestly though I am pro-abortion, so I'm ok with that Mr. McAsshole.
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[09 Oct 2008|07:18pm]
I have the day off, which is good because I ran out of clean clothes...now I can do laundry. The family I work for celebrate the jewish high holiday's, it's pretty rad cus I get more days off than ever before. I've never worked a job where I get holiday's off paid before!

I'm sitting at the laundromat as we speak and there's this little boy that almost looks exactly like my youngest bother! I'm usually real good at stuffing away feelings and emotions, I'm ok being far away from people I care about most of the time, but sometimes I miss them a lot. My younger siblings especially. I worry that I may end up knowing as little about them as I do about my middle siblings. When I told them I was leaving, my sister kaitlin asked how I could move so far away from my family. I made it seem like it was no big deal, "don't worry, I'll fly down and visit", "people move away all the time". I try distract myself so I don't have to miss anyone or anything. Lately that means climbing a lot, and trying to do a zine. Today though I'm stuck thinking about all this shit that I don't want to think about, getting all teary eyed while waiting for my laundry. Bloody embarrassing!

Going climbing and camping this weekend in the middle of PA, the weather is suppose to be warmer than it has been lately, which means it'll be fucking beautiful. It will be good to get out of the city and out of my head.

I like this song...

No kind of love
I don't wanna make no scene
Lovers come and go
Or make you mrs. anyone
Or make you mr. me I'm

Into you like a train
Into you like a train
Into you like a train
Into you like a train

Yeah, fall around
Yeah, fall around

I don't wanna drag you down
Or shack you up with me
Or put you where the flowers go or get into your mind I'm

Into you like a train
Into you like a train
Into you like a train
Into you like a train

If you believe that anyone like me within a song
Is outside it all then you are all so wrong
If you believe that anyone like me within a song
Would try to change it all
Then you have been put on

Into you like a train

Yeah, fall in love
Yeah, fall in love
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lustily respect, respectfully lust [30 Sep 2008|02:33am]
There has been all this stuff on the news about paul newman since he died, the stations keep using this quote about why he felt his marriage lasted. He said it was the "correct parts lust and respect". I love it! I don't know about anyone else but I want someone to lustily respect me and respectfully lust for me.

I have off tomorrow and Wednesday for rosh hashanah.
I've never had a job before where I get so many holidays, it kinda rules!
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I can't sleep to save my life [26 Sep 2008|03:37am]
The world is an oyster, locked in a shell.
You like the taste of it but can't take the smell.
I can't sleep to save my life.
The day is done but I don't think I got it right.
I don't want to kiss right now.
You're probably just what I need but I can't stand your mouth.
I dot my t's and cross my i's.
Pretend that I can write.
I haven't got a nice thing to say about anyone except the one who caught me staring so I just walked away.
No one likes to give themselves over to an empty bed.
If you're going to sleep like that, then you might as well be dead.
But you still want all the covers and no hair tickling your face.
You're so proud of your physique but you still want your cake.
I got It!

I'm making a couple of tapes of some of my favorite songs for people, there's gonna be so much Jawbreaker on them!

I hang out with three people, one is moving away, she and her hubby are moving to Colorado. I could totally see becoming very close to her, it makes me sad that she's leaving.
Also I found out that a person I know from the climbing gym that is actually into good music (soo very rare, most climbers like techno or bad rap) is moving to New Zealand! Ack!
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Oh Philly [10 Sep 2008|10:00am]
So a guy got attacked on the subway. A man got on with his kid, told the little boy to go sit down. He then took a hammer out of his bag and began beating a guy who had fallen asleep. He beat him with a fucking hammer and then dragged him off and tried to throw him on the tracks.
There were several people on the subway and no one tried to stop the attack. Oh and while this dude was getting the beating of his life, someone stole his cell phone!

In other irrelevant news, I cut my hair off! At first I was going to wear it short and curly but I forgot how fucking big it got! So I've been straightening it, and I love it. A girl I use to work with said my hair cut makes my neck look sexy. How's that for a random compliment!
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[29 Aug 2008|09:06pm]
McCain you asshole!
I still don't think you have any hope in hell of winning.
Then again I didn't think a certain Mr.Bush had any chance last election, and we all know how that turned out. I was shocked to tears (only a few), if McCain wins in November, I just may sob.
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[26 Aug 2008|05:40pm]
So today when I rode to work it was about 65 out! Now it's warmed up to like 80 but it's still beautiful. When I was little, I use to love when it got cool in Florida. I use to love laying out on the warm slab of concrete when it was chilly out.

There are people riding crazy soap box bike contraptions around, all the kids in the park were freaking out! There was one that was a dish with ice cream and there was a fucking space ship! Also there was a little old man playing guitar, he had some pedal that would let him record something and loop it while he would play something else over it. It was cool, the kids were dancing about and running around all crazy screaming guitar!

I love the stupidest things.
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[25 Aug 2008|01:13am]
Goodness, who can guess what bands lyrics these are?

I wanna be your shirt, so I can hug you while you work.
I wanna be your wife so you can beat me every night.

The singer's a dude and the beat me line made me think, he wants her to give him hand jobs every night. Maybe I'm just filthy though.

Oh and they cover a really good psychedelic furs song.
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